Group Therapy

Group therapy is beneficial because it’s interactive and assists individuals with being a means for change through exploration of intrapersonal examination within a social context where participants are dealing with similar issues and struggles.

Groups can range in size from six to 12 participants. The types of groups can be anywhere from a supportive focus, to psychoeducational such as skills development, to psychodynamic and process-related. The idea of utilizing a group therapy approach is to share and learn information, instill hope, and be a safe place where participants can be of help to others within the group in order to develop and increase intrapersonal awareness. Being able to tell and share your experiences to similar individuals allows for a therapeutic exchange and relief from negative emotions.

Examples of groups offered include:

Depression/Mood Disorders; Anxiety; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT); Seeking Safety; Trauma; Jungian Dream Interpretation; autogenic training/relaxation.

NB: A referral from your therapist and/or an individual interview may be required prior to group participation. Other groups may develop into the future.

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