Did you know in cases of anxiety that natural supplementation can be as effective, if not more effective, than prescription medications? What’s important is that you treat the physical* as well as the emotional** issues with natural interventions. Research shows that therapy/counseling is the most efficacious way to deal with most mental hygiene issues and should always be the first approach to your treatment.

Naturopathy works with you as an individual – just like therapy – and my work as a Naturopathic Doctor celebrates your uniqueness and individuality. My approaches incorporate a myriad of treatment options and interventions into your mental health care. I use state-of-the-art treatment interventions with a holistic approach that includes your mind, body and spirit.

A holistic approach means that your medical metabolic (chemical) and/or psycho-social experiences will be considered when dealing with the impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Concurrently, this entails being mindful and sensitive to you, the client, with a unique set of life experiences and how there may be potential for oppressive influences, trauma or prolonged distress that may undermine quality of life.

Depression also benefits from supplementation as well as enhancing lifestyle approaches. (Natural supplementation concurrent with therapy might include include multivitamins, curcumin, fish oil, B vitamins and magnesium, magnolia, and perhaps 5 HTP, St. Johns Wart and/or Tyrosine. You will need to check these supplements out with your doctor.) There are also some physiological* things to rule out before you contribute your condition to emotional issues.

Above all, I strive to provide emotional support in an engaging, comfortable, safe and stable environment that allows clients to better understand and find solutions to aspects of their lives that might be impeding or undermining their personal growth.

*Physical causes for anxiety and should always be ruled out first (e.g. issues such as overactive thyroid, low progesterone/estrogen in peri-menopausal women, low testosterone in men, and adrenal fatigue).

**Emotional causes for anxiety could be suppression of feelings of anger/fear to the point that you are not aware of it. This may present itself as hyperventilation or rapid shallow breathing that more often than not leads to panic attacks. Some symptoms may include tingling in your hands, fingers or lips, constricted breathing, and feeling like you’re having a heart attack or going to die.

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