Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a non-invasive energetic treatment approach that incorporates conventional or Western philosophical tenets along with Eastern philosophical tenets. It utilizes applied kinesiology or muscle response testing to look at physical, emotional and/or behavioral issues. It is also highly effective for eliminating and/or deceasing pain, as well as controlling unwanted behaviors such as overeating or Yips.

I’ve developed my own treatment modality called “Detailing” within the NET protocol and presented it at an NET conference to other practitioners. I’m a strong believer in the mind/body influence and have gone to great lengths to train and study in mind/body techniques.

As a schema therapist, I embrace NET because the basic premise of this treatment philosophy is to look back on original environmental stressful events and experiences that set us up for maladaptive relational themes and/or response patterns. NET looks to correct these schemas in a laser effective manner so that we have healthier response and coping patterns.

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